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Buy a gift, get a free subscription for yourself!

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Usually £40, buy now for the festive price of £9.95 by using the code XMAS at checkout.
If the Buy Now button is not working on your browser please use this link Joosr Gift Page
What is Joosr?
Joosr is the app that brings you 20-minute summaries of the most inspiring non-fiction titles across 21 categories.
What’s included in a Joosr gift subscription?
For £9.95, a Joosr gift subscription gives your loved one access to the Joosr library for an entire year. The library currently contains 250 book summaries (and counting!), with new books released periodically.
When will my gift arrive?
Because Joosr is a digital gift, you won’t receive anything through the post from us, and neither will the recipient. When buying a Joosr gift subscription, you  choose the delivery date you wish the subscription to begin. The recipient will receive an email on the chosen date, which will contain a message from you and details of how to begin reading.
How does my loved one start reading books?
Joosr books can be read via, or our Android or iOS apps. The gift recipient will receive an email on the chosen start date, which will prompt them to set a password to get up and running.
What devices does Joosr work on?
The Joosr iOS app works on Apple iPhone and iPad with iOS9 and above. Reading via works on modern mobile and desktop browsers such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.
Can I try Joosr for myself?
Yes of course, you can begin a free 15-day trial of Joosr here.
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